The ELVI company offers machines for donuts, ice creams, frozen juice/slush machines and waffle makers

It also offers training to work with the machines.

Автоматична машина за понички

Donut machine

Автоматична машина за понички

Waffle maker

Автоматична машина за понички

Ice cream machine

Автоматична машина за понички

Frozen juice/slush machines

What we offer

We are among the leading manufacturers of dry mixes for the food industry, not only on the Bulgarian market but also on the market in Europe.


Dry mixtures

For the food industry - dry mixtures for donuts, waffles, pancakes and ice cream powder, concentrate for frozen juice/slush, toppings.

Raw materials and packaging

Our company offers all the raw materials and packages required: donut boxes, pancake pads, plastic forks, palm fat, etc.

Own logistics network

The company has its own logistics and is ready to deliver goods in time to any customer within the country and Europe.

Machines for donuts, ice cream, frozen juice/slush and waffle makers.

Staff training

Our company offers training for operating with the machinery.

Waffle Maker, Ice Cream Machine, frozen juice/slush Machine and Donut Machine.

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+359 877 266 603


№ 63, Golobradska Street, town Radomir


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